Children in the afternoon

We played seven stones game, piled one on another
Toppling them with ball that would fly into bushes.
The lazy afternoon heat beat on our sleeping trees.
The birds had gone on to their own afternoon sleep.
We entered the scrunching leaves sending the lizard
Scurrying to the hole of its wall, its triangular head
Popping out a while to hear our tiny feet in the leaves.

Up on the mound we deeply looked into a dark hole
To look for the slithering sound of the resident snake
We would then run down fast, afraid of its unheard hiss
And fall to the ground with coins of kneecaps bleeding.

We then climbed the guava tree to its highest branch.
We caught the squirrel eating the fruit of our ripeness.
In the evening we played badminton with the marigold
Smelling yellow petal shreds as they spread in the sky.