Evening on the beach

On  rock in sea sits woman.
Her eye stops short of  ship.

An acting God stands near,
Wearing a peacock feather

On head , his torso orange
Like sunset sea undergoes.

The sea is in saffron mood,
An empty sky floating in it.

Ship sits in knee-deep sea,
Linked by  snake to shore.



A giant dredger drudges
Night and day, to empty
Sea stomach of its bloat,
Moving chunks of sands
By  big snake in the sea.

A big sea snake now lies
In the sea from dredger,
All the way to the shore.
It heaves, up and down,
In a rhythm with waves.

After the great dredgery,
Sea will be lean and thin
But the beach will be fat
And ugly ,no body walks.
No one will recall snake.