Cuckoo’s indiscretions

Rain falls on cuckoo’s shameless
Parasitic brood, some one else’s
Responsibility, way world grew.

A black crow would raise chicks
From its monsoon indiscretions.
Cuckoo’s mango song is sweet

Around stones our tongues lick.
Wagging tongues skip morals
Forgiving lack of responsibility.

Nature poetry

At the Kumarakom holiday resort in Kerala

The green of the coconuts has upper hand
Over the shimmer of the boats and stillness.

Houses are nature in their red tiled stature
As are the lagoon’s boats which are houses

Devoid of the vulgar city crowds who come
To burp on oiled foods and play film music.

Modesty prevents houses from showing up
Above unending horizon of green coconuts

Their shadows merge into their brown walls
The corrugated tiled roofs have rain in them

Gathered painstakingly ,in every monsoon
Their patches become first green, then gray.

Nature poetry


At noon sparrows were pecking in mirrors
At their own selves in mirrors of women

As latter combed oiled plaits for evening.
They have now gone away, morning- sick

Or of too many cell phone calls in the air.
Women love their phone gossip ,you see.

Luckily mothers-in-law are gone for good,
Like sparrows that have left their mirrors.

Nature poetry


Inside we  are afraid to diminish.
The flowers have come to bloom
With green mangoes on the way.

Now is March and heat is less yet.
Soon there will be a rain shower.
Raindrops will diminish flowers.

There will be a diminished fruit.
There will be diminished image.
The soft colors will be shadows

Just a few grays of hot summer.
Mist is migraine of fallen leaves,
Unripe fruits helpless on earth.