Nature poetry

Twin rocks

Beyond houses to be,under the clouds
Sitting like cats on a high border wall,
The villager goes up to a stone quarry
A hammer high on shoulder ,like child
Perched harmlessly on fathers shoulder.
He breaks a few mountains for houses.

He goes up the opening in border wall
And down he slides onto the other side.
Beyond the wall stand two rock sisters
At first silent before all total strangers
But open up when the sun is really hot.

Between them,they have child banyan
An illegitimate child of a bird dropping
Recently green by the last months rain
As streams of silver rain slid from tops
Like new born snakes from a way bush.

These twin rocks are not the red ones
Of shadows promised by the old poet
To show you fear in a handful of dust.
Our older shadows are lying sprawled
On morning feelings for banyan child.
The scene is pastoral for such gloom.
The villager’s hammer is not for them