River night

The island was only two days’ Christmas old
A paper star on shore had recent moths halo
And a lights glint on river is recent laughter.

Now in young night no new boats bobbed up
After last with cackling women and suitcases
And their men dragging the coasters on road.

The river’s night echoed with tourist bubble
That would settle down to bottom of night.
A black dog lay curled up to a human corner.

The river is not all that recent of soft ripples.
It had come from memories of far mountain
And is curled up like black dog around island.


Before and after


Before dam , river is black and loamy
And a snake at the curve of the body,
On shore slightly annoyed with wind
And the paper star mobbed by moths.

It is Krishna- black lustrous hair braid
If only there are moon’s jasmines in it.
A woman’s mountain back has a braid
Ding-dong on granite body fine touch.

After dam it is a temple and pilgrims,
Ancient memories of the after-world.
A snake turns into many small snakes
And boats heave only high on people.