Something came up in green
Beside our highway, from car
We stopped, to leak like sky-
A lone tree rose in silence on
An expanse of rice for future.

A white room stood company
With a machine to leak water
To the rice , a future growing
In unknown stomachs in wait.

Tree stood bare into the sky
With a tuft of green to a side,
Oddball green against a blue,
A broken piece of vegetation
Soaked in silence leaking there.



Wind blows through a mind
A night of remembered sea
When a deep sea was asleep
A distance away from night.

In the room wind is a creak
A hinge on a night’s silence
Rat softly scurrying forward,
A cockroach in eaten dishes.

Leaves rustle on continuity
A full throat of dog’s whelp
A snout at collective failure
Diaphragm shaking nothing.

It is world’s massive hollow
A re-echo of our yesterdays
Coming back from deep sea
A distance away from sleep.