Nature poetry

A fizzle

Due to el nino of weather these things
Shake our states ,from beings of light,
At night and other times of our sleep
On days when every poem goes awry,
A wind blows but no water to splurge.

There is yet an uprising of cloud fairy
From mountain distance,a wind speak
In the trees , dancing their flowing hair
Dispelling birds from sleeping minds,
A quiet hair,nested by night to dawn.

All this is the eye of the Arabian sea
On the west, through the narrow pass
In the western mountains, where knots
Of lines swelled in our confused maps
Promising uprising but it was a fizzle.



We had gone in a mudtrack
Between the fields sporting
Paddy shoots in fresh slush.
Women feet were sure there.
There was rain on the night.

Women might have been there.
Their tongues might have rung
Like fevered bells in mouths
Singing their sowing songs.

Songs might have gone sad,
When skies were soon empty.
There was not enough slush
To go around for the paddy,
With common legs drowned
Not even up to their ankles.