The cloud shall pass a face
As in a lake of rock beauty
With shore trees looking on
And dark cormorants back
As rocks among hyacinths.
Hyacinths shall go in boats
And the rocks of cormorants
Fly away to distant clouds.
Boats fly away to shadows.

Cloud shall pass cormorants
Who shall pass faces of rocks
And remain rocks for a while
Among cloud swirls in a lake,
A sky swinging as water blue.
A rock shall do monkey jump
In waters to eddies of think.
Shore trees shall drop yellow
Flowers to their own eddies.



Desert is lots of sand in the hair-roots
And upon a funnily high camel’s back
With your belly fire going up and down
As belly jiggles, up and down shrill notes
Against a night holding down woman.
Let the sun plummet to its sand bottom.
Hold on tight, will you, the ship is down
To its bottom essentials ,near the sun.
The sun is turning in a fiery barbecue.