Nature poetry

Window glass

I woke up to this window glass this morning
As the tree , a tiny branch , waves on the glass
A moving shadow made by tree+wind +glass
Not a sleep dream but a waking word dream
A beauty engendered by a tree+glass+wind

Beauty came from this very tree+glass+wind+I
Who had woken up, me and words, from a body
That is a part, a string, a voice, an eye, a water
Sloshing in it, in the eyes, raindrops of color,
A fan whirring, a sound ,a beauty of mountain
A rumbling, clouds wet touching, a silver river
Just like the tree waving -a- creaking at wind
Brown dog barking at dark, snout wet and dark.

But I say, cut out this “I’ from window glass
The body that woke up at dawn to the window
Let the dream continue on the window glass.


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