Moon thoughts

At seven,we thought we had seen the moon
From the roof, in the waving coconut leaves.
Actually the chair we sat on was a blue moon
Inciting these moon thoughts in early nights.
In point of fact the moon was just a light bulb
Lying on the distant roof, beyond the station.

Every coconut has to have a moon in its fate.
You see the moon happens as an appendage
To our coconut trees, mostly, in early nights.
On a rain less night the moon rises over them
As a beauty-flower in their hair in a dark sky.

At times moons are mere light bulbs hovering
On rooftops,peacefully existing with coconuts.
When they are moons, not dim-wit light bulbs
They may be broken with some moon missing.
But they always stand by the listless coconuts
Encouraging them with a characteristic cool.


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