Haiku and short verse, Nature poetry

Haiku and short verse

Monkeying at sun

Kid in monkey cap
Monkey-claps at rising
Winter sun.

Smoke signals to sun

Man in lungi
Sends smoke rings to sun
Winter is already here.

Baptism by fire

Baptist church there says
Bear fruits of repentance
Look at the red fruit in sky.

Monsoon woes

The mongrel wags tail
Not at the candy-man
But on monsoon flies.

Nature poetry

Moon thoughts

At seven,we thought we had seen the moon
From the roof, in the waving coconut leaves.
Actually the chair we sat on was a blue moon
Inciting these moon thoughts in early nights.
In point of fact the moon was just a light bulb
Lying on the distant roof, beyond the station.

Every coconut has to have a moon in its fate.
You see the moon happens as an appendage
To our coconut trees, mostly, in early nights.
On a rain less night the moon rises over them
As a beauty-flower in their hair in a dark sky.

At times moons are mere light bulbs hovering
On rooftops,peacefully existing with coconuts.
When they are moons, not dim-wit light bulbs
They may be broken with some moon missing.
But they always stand by the listless coconuts
Encouraging them with a characteristic cool.