Plucking early

You have plucked a jasmine’s buds
For their unborn fragrance of God,

Your God less fragrant in the glass
And indivisible from the blossoms.

He turns fragrant in a diluted dawn
After you have woken up to crows.

Their caws from a night’s darkness
Are the fragrant art form of sound

Cracking like sky in sea under rain
And a rain turns fragrant on earth.


Tiger, tiger

In the beautiful jungles , little boys
Sleep in their thatched mud homes

With dreams about phantom tigers
Who spring from a night’s nowhere.

The phantoms from the dark jungle
Burn bright in the striped shadows

To such confusion you never know
When beauty ends and fear begins.

How long

Her questions who made the world
Float in the air on this summer day

While sea rolls big dark and lonely.
She was her grass-hopper who ate

Sugar from her hands and hopped
From the grass one knew not how.

Our bodies are familiar with grass.
Its roots smell a God who made us

And grass-hopper and Mary Oliver
With her questions floating on air.

A sea rolls away, big dark & lonely
And there are minds of questions

That come to us floating on its air
Asking how long is a summer day.

(After Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day)

Mirror images

Amid the mobile phone towers
Sparrows lose their way to tree.

Some have made their way here
In almond tree below a balcony.

Sparrows offer no competition
To crows fat with dead sea fish.

Back at home, in our childhood,
Sparrows were in serial mirrors

Fiercely fighting mirror images.
Now sparrows enter no mirrors

And they seem now fighting shy
Of mirror inside our tall homes.


We are two palms and we exist
Mutually by the old lighthouse,

Younger in height and in being.
We see no far off ships in seas.

We do not remember our birth
By any bird-dropped fruit seed.

We are dysfunctional with fruit.
We wave warmly at sea’s wave

Whenever it brings wind burst.
Looking at cracks in lighthouse

It may be older in years than us.
But we have never seen a ship.

We pretend birds sit in our hair.
We mutually pretend existence.