The light cloud

The light cloud in my head
And nimbus floating on sea

Form one continuous story
Of crows and fishes caught

And wriggling in a fish net,
Fishermen caught tugging.

And now who tugs whom
Forms cloud of a seascape

Set to infinity beyond hill
Of a vague dolphin’s nose

Which is an image caught
In a morass of light cloud.


Reading a wall

The walls are at the right angles,
Where we spit our green saliva.

But writing is clear on our walls.
We need them to aim our water

As we lift hind legs of our pasts,
Since bodies are so full of water.

There is wall near old submarine
And now we are at ease with sea.

When we probe the dead turtle,
We don’t write readings on wall.


I and the crows

I was a baby in the dark howling
Out of overwhelming cloth walls.

The crows were born in the tree
Under influence of coastal night.

Grown crows would snatch soap
From open well water bathroom.

I would cry ,when they swooped
On the nefarious tooth and claw

On bath soap leaving claw-marks.
I was then scared little child soul.

I am body, old and bald by a sea.
Crows are darker by their deeds

Emptying the turtles of contents
In bodies washed ashore at night

When trapped in fish men’s nets.
Crows turn red in tooth and claw.